Canadian Clothing Manufacturers

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Outdoor Chlorophylle - jackets
  Conifere - outdoor wear
  Far West - jackets
  Mistaya - jackets
  Pacific Trekking - fleece jackets
  Sierra Designs - jackets and fleece
  Tilley Endurables - hats, clothing
Sportswear Culprit Clothing Co. - sport fashion
  Kobe Sportswear
Children's Clothing Dance Stuff - body wear & accessories, Lantz, Nova Scotia
  Erika Eriksson - Children's wear
  Kid's Only Clothing Inc. - quality childrens clothing
  Just Kids Clothing - clothing and accessories for children under 10
  Double K Gifts - hand made children's clothing and toys, Nova Scotia
Misc. Stanfields - underwear
  Unique PatternsDesign Ltd. - mail order women's custom clothing patterns
Clothing National Heritage Brands
  Lotuswear - casual wear
  Silver Jeans
  1921 - jeans
  Velocity Fresh Canadian Clothing, Wear Canada - Canadian image apparel

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